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Some of these products contain drugs which are not approved for sale, but I think you can still use them. Some of the products I am reviewing don't actually contain the hormones they say they do, but have to be used for several months. If you buy sex hormones from me, I will do my best to make sure they are safe and effective.

What does the product do? The product we are reviewing here contains both testosterone and estrogen. If you are looking for a hormone supplement which is safe and effective, testosterone is the way to go. The estrogen in this product is much less potent than the testosterone, so you should take it with caution. I have written some tips for people who have high testosterone levels. Some of the tips are: Use a non-toxic and safe product. Use the correct amount. Avoid excessive or prolonged use. If you need to take a hormone product, you will want to buy it from a reputable company, or one that will get your medical records in order before it is delivered to you. The information on this website is intended to provide the information needed for people in the United States, Canada and Europe who wish to obtain information and support on the use of sex hormones.

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