This Frequently Asked Questions page will give you an overview of what this website is all about. You can also check here all the common questions being asked by guests who come here often to this website. In that way, the answer to such questions can serve as your reference in knowing more about our website and the information that we offer here. Please do inform us if you have more questions that remain unanswered. In that way, we can immediately address those. You can check our Contact Us page if you wish to contact us.

Q. Do we need to have an account before we can access this website?

A. This website is a public website for everyone. Having an account is not necessary unless you want to engage with other guests who frequent this website at the FORUM page. Otherwise, you are free to just read the content anytime even without an account.

Q. How much to sign up for an account?

A. Signing up for an account is for FREE. So make sure to stop hesitating in doing it now especially if you want to start a thread or join one at the Forum page. By having an account with us, you can also leave us your comments, suggestions, and recommendations at our Testimonials page.

Q. I sent you an inquiry but until now, I haven’t received a response yet.

A. We are sorry for your inconvenience. We make sure to respond to our guests as soon as possible. If you haven’t received our response within 24 hours, then it is possible that we are currently suffering from a huge inflow of emails. Please trust that we’ll get back to you assoon as possible. Please check also your SPAM mail from time to time because there are instances when our emails go straight there.

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